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Press Release

The Founder of the Omaha International Soccer League Makes History, Develops Partnership with the International Football Heritage Agency to Help Footballers Take Their Game to the Next Level

The Founder of the Omaha International Soccer League (OISL) has announced today a partnership with the International Football Heritage Agency as a key global partner. This partnership gives the Omaha International Soccer League players an opportunity for exposure and widening their football network. This is in line with every player’s goal of becoming a professional player who is eligible to represent his country of heritage in international football.

Players Can Take Their Game to the Next Level with OISL & IFHA

Marlon Okereke, Founder of Omaha International Soccer League, says:

“Playing football at the highest level on the international stage is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for deserving players, from the youth level on up. I am honoured to align with brilliant visionaries like co-founders Maddy Mkoloma and Ricardo Pascal who provided this opportunity for players from the CAF and CONCACAF regions to showcase their talent on the highest stage. We look forward to providing the International Football Heritage Agency a pipeline of skilled local and regional football players ready to take their game to the next level.”

Maddy Mkoloma, Co-Founder, International Football Heritage Agency added:

The IFHA are very pleased and excited with our new partnership with The Omaha International Soccer League. This global deal is massive for us. It will allow us to widen our reach and bring more high quality players to the attention of many football associations in the Caribbean and African regions.”

Footballers who are serious about growth and playing on an international level will experience major benefits by joining the Omaha International Soccer League.

About OISL:

The Omaha International Soccer League (OISL) is a non-profit organization built on good sportsmanship that started in 2014. The formation of the OISL began with a vision to bring local players from diverse backgrounds together to represent their nation, engage in fellowship and community building through the global game of soccer. The OISL mission is to promote unity, diversity and empower communities through the beautiful game of soccer. To learn more about the Omaha International Soccer League, please visit online at

About IFHA:

The International Football Heritage Agency was founded in 2007 in London, United Kingdom. The IFHA identifies and scouts exceptional players based outside Europe who show interest and promise in representing their country of heritage. IFHA recommends these players to the CONCACAF and CAF football associations. The IFHA also connects players with national team FAs, allowing them to maximize available talent while increasing competitiveness in international football tournaments. To find out more, visit us at