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Day 1 Recap: 2021 OISL Tournament

Games kicked off Saturday at the 2021 OISL Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska.
The teams took the stage, making their first push to earn the championship title that will be awarded next weekend.

All the games are meaningful for unity and community building and there are no easy games as teams vie for the 2021 OISL Tournament Championship crown.

Group play takes place over the course of two weekends and will conclude on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

Highlights from Saturday’s matches…

USA vs Congo
Congo started the Tournament strong with a 5-3 victory over veterans, USA.
Eleme Mayani scored 2 goals while Byaombe, Papaix Mayani and Lambert Wilondja each scored a goal for Congo.
Blake Gordon scored 2 goals while Rodrigo Barajas scored a goal for USA.

Mexico vs Iraq
Mexico opened up the 2021 OISL Tournament with a 6-0 victory over Iraq.
Pedro Henrique scored 2 goals while Manuel Lira, Jovanni Hernandez, Jaime Mejia and Fausto Avalos each scored a goal for Mexico.

For standings, please visit the league table page.

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